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Welcome to My Agency
I'm Riitta Suominen. From my office at Technopolis in Tampere, one of Finland’s technology centres, I manage a consulting firm specializing in online learning and content production.

We work with clients in both the public and private sectors, helping them improve their performance through such services as:

  • Creating online courses
  • Training and coaching online instructors
  • Developing materials to support instructors and learners

We also develop and deliver customized on-site workshops on such topics as writing for the web, creating online course, using social media tools, and communicating effective online. Our clients include the HAUS Institute of Public Management, the Finnish Consulting Group, the University of Tampere, as well as agencies like the Finnish interior ministry and department of tax administration.

We have wide experience in helping foreign organizations work effectively in Finland, and can arrange for translation between Finnish and such languages as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. We also conduct successful online courses and e-learning seminars internationally.

Let’s explore how we can help your organization.


Riitta Suominen

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