Spice Up Your Online Writing

Riitta Suominen ©   

Does your body text need more flavour? Take six tasty trips to online writing and renew your recipe!

Are You Drawn to the Title?

Even this online text starts with the most important part: the title.

What Is Most Important to the Reader? – Place It in the Beginning

An online text has to be fast and easy.

Super Cool Hyper Link

Do you link your text? What do you link and how? Make up your mind – then check your answer.

Does Your Tone Encourage Conversation?

Social media is one big discussion board, where the correct tone is the key to success.

Interact and Express Yourself

Say farewell to gatekeepers – social media makes communication equal!

10 + 1 Questions of Online Writing

A summary of the main points.

The Spice Route blogs have been published in the open community of the UMaMI project which offers new spices and methods to teaching. The project is realized by the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. You’re free to read the articles, but you need to register in order to comment. Sound like a good idea?

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