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Here’s our new book on how to use social media in teaching! The book eTeacher (currently available in Finnish) includes an easy-to-use model on web course planning and applies it to the world of social media. The book will be later translated into English – are you interested?

The number, usage and usability of online services suitable for teaching have had an enormous increase in the past few years. Instead of useless hype, eTeacher is looking for actual benefits which these services could provide for online teachers and learners. This book is your guide to the most useful online tools.

eTeacher is meant for teachers who want to get off to a flying start in building their online courses as well as using information and communication technologies in teaching. You’ll become an e-teacher by doing: the first courses will be small in scale, and they ought to be tested and developed based on experience. The book is a useful and practical guide – whether you’re an experienced e-teacher or just getting started. It’s an excellent aid for the educational use of social media.

The book Verkko-opettaja – available in Finnish – can be ordered at BookPlus and you can ask to see extracts from the English version by email at


Become an eTeacher in a Week

Become an eTeacher in a Week is a book targeted to all instructors who make use of online networks in their work. Its chapters steer those intending to become eTeachers over the course of a seven-day week, and each day is given its own special tasks: getting acquainted with online materials, designing network activities and interaction, and preparing as well as evaluating materials. Interviews, explanations of terms and tips for links and for other reading offer many kinds of other interesting input. At its best, this guide operates the same way as a good opening speech in an online discussion: rather than end the process, the book begins it. Become an eTeacher in a Week was born as a cooperative project between education coordinator Satu Nurmela (University of Turku / Center for Extension Studies) and communications instructor Riitta Suominen (Yksityinen kielitoimisto). Both have long worked as eTeacher educators, course designers and in other specialist tasks in the field.

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