Frequently asked questions about Internet writing (FAQ)

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Must web text observe a certain length?

The ideal length is one screen length, but for most monitors that means half an A4 (or letter-sized) page. What's more important than length, however, is that the page offers the user a useful whole.

What's the difference between Internet and paper text?

Text on a screen is read 25% more slowly than on paper: thus, it's better to write less text, lighter paragraphs and shorter word items.

How to condense?

Eliminate all words, expressions, sentences, complex assertions, paragraphs and sections that do not bring any added value to the reader.

How do I compose a good title?

First write a good story, condense the core into a title, and develop an 'extra twist' for it.

What sort of title encourages reading?

The title condenses the core of the story and contains both hook and bait.

How many headings fit into one page?


What sort of web text structure applies?

A news story type of structure often suits web text: a descriptive title or heading, condensing opening paragraph and the story itself proceeding from what is important to what is less so.

How can a matter that's dull be made interesting?

Dig up some perspective on the matter that's of interest both to you and your readers.

How many lists should there be on one page?

One is a suitable number, two is permissible, but three is already too many.

How about the number of links?

Two or three, but well-composed text may allow for even more useful links.

How can I overcome my “white page phobia”?

Begin writing from any particular point and don't give any attention at this point to quality: you can do your editing work later. Blogging keeps the writer in you well-tuned!

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