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Welcome to my Agency
I specialize in communications and online learning. If you’re grappling with problems like unfriendly emails, hard-to-read web writing, or how to fit social media into your communications portfolio, I’m at your service with effective training solutions and experienced consulting. Let’s solve things together.

Here’s our new book on how to use social media in teaching! The book eTeacher (currently available in Finnish) includes an easy-to-use model on web course planning and applies it to the world of social media. The book will be later translated into English – are you interested?

Become an eTeacher in a Week
Do you want a headstart in online teaching and learning? Order the book "Become an eTeacher in a Week".

Learn from the Net
Get acquainted quickly with cyberspace-related questions through the aid of our eLearning website.


Word of the Week
The word of the week is brevity. Brevity is an undervalued feature in writing. Especially for business or for work,...

10+1 questions about Internet writing
Read the questions and answers displayed in every Internet writing training session.

How to write for the intranet?
Online editors are needed more and more, since intranet content is generated in a decentralized manner.

Spice Up Your Online Writing
What is essential to online writing? Headlines, links or length? Read and form your own opinion.

eLearning Communities and Conferences
Visit online learning-based events at our premises and elsewhere. What sort of fascinating themes are available?

Online Educa Berlin took place December 6 - 8 at the Intercontinental Berlin. The conference examined the tasks of teaching and learning in this time of uncertainty.

Social Media at Work
Are the new web tools really useful at work, or is working time wasted with online chit-chat? Read more.

Spice Up Your Teaching with Social Media
Give your teaching extra flavour with blogging, Twitter or Facebook! Join us on Spice Route to teaching with social media and make your own selection of delicacies.

Superior Hypertext
How can I make teaching materials interesting? The production of teaching materials represents a demanding area of skill, whether it's a book or an online work in question. Read helpful information and write better than you've ever written before!

Easy Emailing
How to write an effective email. Read a quick guide.

Blogs and Wikis - Excellent Tools for Learning
In online learning, the production of content is being switched more and more to students. By means of blogs and wikis, students are producing open content and learning more effectively than before.