Self-assessment steers the operations
Evaluation is feedback from learning. Feedback is provided by the teacher, the peer group and the learner herself. Feedback is needed in various phases of the learning process, not only at the end. The purpose of feedback is to steer the process in the right direction and interactively consider the criteria for good performance.
Feedback should support self-assessment, which is the most important form of evaluation for grown-up students. The learner herself is the best person to evaluate the changes in her information structures. It is important to examine the understanding of information, variation skills and development of problem-solving instead of quantitative changes.

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The purpose of this e-learning site is to provide education planners with ideas on how a variety of elements can be utilised in planning a web environment. Our particular desire was to experiment with replacing heavy texts in web materials with multimedia. What kind of thoughts did the site arouse in you? Did you get any ideas for your own web materials? What works, what does not?




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