Web Writing

Little text, many hooks
The author of web-based learning materials must always struggle against the volume of text, because no one wants to read books on the screen; the materials should rather be like newspaper articles. The reader should quickly be provided with an overall idea and a few interesting viewpoints in order to spend more than a couple of minutes on the web site.

The three-stage programme
How to reduce the volume of text? Try the three-stage programme: eliminate slack in your wordings, replace some text with an image (or other multimedia elements) and crystallise the whole into a hypertext.
The main level of the hypertext shall be built so that it is compact and has a plot. The main text shall include links for more information, examples, word descriptions and various kinds of reference material. The structure of the hypertext shall be easily predictable in order for the user to feel in control of the environment.

Read at least this
If you end up transferring old learning materials to the web, however, make at least the following changes: reduce the volume of text, shorten the sections and use journalistic headlining.


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