Web Discussion

How to learn through discussion?
Web discussion related to learning is a target-oriented activity. It is used for finding new information, seeking solutions to problems, as well as producing plans, reports and other materials. You can attain your target even if others hush up your leading idea or provide negative feedback. Do not give up the game!
The grown-up learner is always troubled by hurry. Reading the messages, responding to them and getting familiar with the common task takes time. The discussion must be clearly scheduled as a part of the studies. The rules of web discussion shall be agreed in the group: the group commits to a particular goal, amount of participation and reciprocity.

The multitude of voices is rewarding
Web discussion is more equal than face-to-face discussion: the weight of your comments is judged more by your reasoning than your position. Equal participation guarantees that the learning situation always takes new paths instead of following existing plans. Web discussion at its best is a dialogue of many voices, where issues are examined jointly from the viewpoints of a variety of content sectors and societies.


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