Learning Environment

The learner creates her learning environment herself
Studying in the information society and utilising a wide variety of learning options calls for a new attitude towards learning. Studies emphasise the student's self-steering status and responsibility for her own learning.
The student sets her learning objectives and works to attain them. Education provides materials that the learner can use to build knowledge, skills and facilities in accordance with her own targets. The learner's own experiences, individual ways of working and own work input are essential. Learning is an activity that takes place in an individual's brain: internal development of one's thinking and functions. The results may be clearly evident, but quite often the learning of information and attitudes can only be seen after a long time.

Independence of time and place?
A learning environment is a location, space, society or operating procedure. It includes social, physical, technical and didactic dimensions. It includes all the forms of study, learning methods and tools available to the student.
Learning is a comprehensive human process that may utilise technological solutions as its tools. Independence of time and place, however, is an illusion: learning always requires time, a place and the learner's own learning effort.


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